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The answer is one in 300 million, which is much less than the probability of being struck by lightning (one in 960,000). . .

"Treasure Hunter" can exchange this bronze statue for a real "Golden Owl" designed by the artist Baker. It is said that it is made of gold, silver and diamonds and is worth an estimated 150,000 euros. August 18th, according to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” report, in 22 years since the launch of France’s largest treasure hunter, tens of thousands of “treasure hunters” believe that a “golden owl” is buried somewhere in France, and the answer is in 11 words. In the puzzle, it is like looking at flowers in the mist, and no one has solved it so far. According to reports, this game was released by treasure hunt designer Valentin on May 15, 1993. He designed 11 puzzles and solved them all to get a location where a bronze owl statue can be excavated. . The bronze statue buried in the ground is just a substitute and a proof to solve all the mysteries. The "treasure hunter" can exchange this bronze statue for a real "golden owl" designed by the artist Baker. It is said that it is full of gold. Made of silver and diamonds, the value is estimated at 150,000 Euros. However, it has been 22 years since the game was launched, and no one has found it yet. It is the largest treasure hunt in the world known and yet to be solved. Valentin designed dozens of treasure hunts in his lifetime, only this one has not been solved yet. If you search the Internet for pictures of golden owls, you will find many maps of France with different geometric figures drawn on them, all of which are hunters trying to find a treasure in a place where two lines intersect, but they are all in vain. A statue of 150,000 euros is worth less than the prizes of many lottery prizes, but for true "treasure hunters", the attraction is the puzzle itself, and the fun and sense of accomplishment in solving the puzzle are their goals. It is reported that hunters set up a website to discuss and exchange information, and they also meet once a year. There is also a tense atmosphere. Everyone wants to know how much others know, but not their own news. Dirk, who had worked with Valentin, said in an interview with "Society" magazine: "I told them at the last gathering that as long as everyone gathers together for a week and gathers all the solutions, the treasure will be found. But no one wants to come up with their own solution." Some of the 11 French puzzles are like poems, and some are just numbers. The name Valentin is actually just a pseudonym. His real name is Hauser, who died in 2009, but this does not affect the game. The quotations left by Valentan during his lifetime are all used as clues to solve the mystery, and there are still thousands of hunters who have solved it in the fog of his words.

We use maps almost every day, which is an application that uses LBS (LocationBasedService) technology.

Ali said: "In order to be treated, it must be fixed, but we cannot use sedatives in the water because it will cause the animal to drown. He also brought two other captive elephants to try to take the injured out of the water. , But it refused to move and stayed there until death."

rs is from 3 to 9. In addition, filters combine multiple numbers between them. Pab, please refer to your filter list, the various changes in it? :-Prime-15-Fibonacci-8-Lucas-9-Square-7, can you think of any example, if possible, think of any 123 lottery,sambadof this change, please see "Anything about this exception?"

The Office of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh said in a statement on the 8th that preliminary tests found lead and nickel in drinking water. These heavy metals may be the cause of this "mysterious disease" outbreak. The statement said that the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology and other national research institutions are doing more tests and will soon get results to reveal the detailed cause of the disease.

t". To get the correct probability of the X digits of lottery No. 6/42, it might better follow the following Excel formula: = COMBIN(X-1, Y-1) * COMBIN(42-X, 6-Y )/COMBIN(42,6), where the first COMBIN function gives the number of possible second combinations

Lincolnshire and other areas of the East Midlands are home to some incredible heritage areas. The city of Lincoln and the countryside around it is a well-known medieval history lover’s delight. No trip to the area is complete without a visit to Tattershall. The stunning landscape consists of a gorgeous historic church next door to small Tudor castle. But that’s not all. The Tattershall unique heritage area overlooks a meandering river, setting a scene that is so typically Lincolnshire. Recently however, the National Lottery just allocated £24k from HLF scheme. The money will help develop a new heritage project and promote the stunning area as a great day out. Called Tattershall church, castle, community, heritage and habitat project: Living, Learning and Growing Together.

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